Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Unique Designs of Tribal Heart Tattoos

Tribal Heart TattoosA “heart tattoo” is one of the oldest and common tattoo designs today. Traditionally it has been known as a symbol of love since its introduction to the tattoo world. With various heart designs they can also represent other meanings as well.

It can be a remembrance tattoo of a loss loved one or styled with a dagger that represented the pain of love, betrayal and descent. The design can also symbolize spiritual meanings of religious and faith as in the sacred heart tattoos. People who choose heart designs usually incorporate flowers, banners, wings, flames, thrones and other symbols of their interest.

Designs of the Tribal heart tattoos adds their own unique style to the symbol while keeping its traditional meanings. There are endless possibilities and ideas you can come up with when you choose a heart with tribal. Furthermore with your tribal heart tattoo you can add many shapes and patterns to give the design a meaningful & personal twist of your own.

tribal-heart-tattoo_10.jpg tribal-heart-tattoo_09.jpg

tribal-heart-tattoo_08.jpg tribal-heart-tattoo_07.jpg

tribal-heart-tattoo_06.jpg tribal-heart-tattoo_05.jpg

tribal-heart-tattoo_04.jpg tribal-heart-tattoo_03.jpg

tribal-heart-tattoo_02.jpg tribal-heart-tattoo.jpg

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celtic Tribal Tattoos

Celtic Tribal TattoosWhen combining tribal artwork with the intricate designs of a "Celtic tattoo" the results can be astonishing. While possessing the beautiful and symmetry qualities from both tattoo styles, a Celtic tribal tattoo can be a powerful symbol that represents personal convictions that have deep and rich meanings.

Celtic tattoos comprise of interweaving patterns, knot-works and mazes that can be made from a simple design to more complex. The interlacing artwork can be applied to create a variety of symbolic representations such as the Celtic dragon or Celtic cross which is the most popular designs among Celtic tattoos.

Overall intermixing tribal with a Celtic design will not only be more appealing visually but will also have its own uniqueness. There are no boundaries when it comes to developing ideas for your own tattoo design using both art forms of the Tribal and Celtic.
Pictures of Celtic & Tribal Tattoo Designs

Celtic tribal dragon tattoo Celtic knot tribal tattoos Celtic tribal tattoo design

Celtic tribal hear tattoo design Celtic tribal design Celtic tribal armband tattoo

Celtic cross tribal tattoo Celtic knot and tribal cross_tattoo Tribal Celtic Upper Back Tattoo Design